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Whipped Goat Cheese with Heidi’s Organic Jam

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These crispy crackers topped with whipped goat cheese, fresh chives, piñon nuts, and of course Heidi’s jam are perfect for holiday parties, family gatherings, and even midnight snacking. Tart goat cheese is a perfect compliment to our Red Chile Raspberry or Red Chile Ginger Raspberry jams. Not only are these are super easy to make but they also taste amazing and will totally make your holiday gatherings a little brighter and lot less stressful.

– 5oz log of mild goat cheese, room temperature – 1 – 2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream, to thin the goat cheese- Heidi’s Jam of your choice (we suggest Raspberry Red Chile or Raspberry Red Chile Ginger- Fresh chives, chopped- Beet micro-greens- Piñon nuts- Salty crackers of your choiceDIRECTIONS:

Place goat cheese in a small bowl. Add 1 Tbsp of heavy cream and mix with a small whisk. If the goat cheese is too thick to spread, slowly add small amounts of heavy cream to get the cheese to spreading consistency.
Spread about 1 teaspoon of the goat cheese on each cracker. Top each cracker with 1/4 teaspoon of Heidi’s jam. Sprinkle with chopped chives, piñon nuts, and micro-greens. Serve.

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