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Raspberry Red Chile Mostarda

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U-Pick is around the corner! What better way to use your fresh raspberries and Heidi’s Red Chile Jam than in a  sweet and spicy Mostarda that you will want to put on every meal!  

¼ Cup Rasp. Red Chile Jam4 Cups fresh Raspberries1 Cup white wine¼ cup sugar2 tbsp. olive oil2 tbsp. mustard seeds1 tbsp. mustard powder2 tbsp. red wine vinegar2 shallotsZest of one orange

Sautee Shallots until soft (2-3 min).  Add mustard seeds and powder. Sautee until fragrant.Add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil.  Reduce and simmer 30 min, stirring frequently and breaking up the raspberries. Take off heat when near a jam like consistency.  Allow to cool completely before serving.
Keeps in fridge for one week.

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