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Heidi’s Heavenly Raspberry Crêpe Cake

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A sweet end to an even sweeter summer, here is our delicious Raspberry Crêpe Cake!
Make your own by following the directions below.

Heavenly Raspberry Crepe Cake

1 Crepe recipe (enough for about 10 crepes)
2 cups of whipping cream 
1 pint of fresh raspberries 
1 jar of Heidi’s raspberry jam (you may use any of the other 5 flavors, regular and lavender are our favorite for this)

Make your crepes and set aside. You will need about 10 crepes for this.
Beat the whipping cream until stiff (we don’t add sugar, but if you prefer sweeter whipped cream add ¼ cup)
Now you build the cake layering in this order:
Spread roughly 2 TBSP of Heidi’s Raspberry jam on the entire first crepe.
Add another crepe and spread 2 TBSP of whipped cream.
Repeat in this order until you have used up the 10 crepes (or your desired amount).
Save the last whipped cream to put on top to cover it.
Finish it by putting the fresh raspberries on top.

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