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Jammin’ Raspberry BBQ Sauce

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12 oz. (1.5 cups) Ketchup
5 oz. (1.5 cups) of Heidi’s Raspberry Jam

2 oz. (.25 cup) White Wine Vinegar
2.5 ml. (.5 tsp.) Dijon Mustard
2.5 ml. (.5 tsp) of Garlic Oil*
3 dashes of Hot Sauce
Pinch of Salt
Freshly Ground Black Pepper (to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and whisk thoroughly. We recommend adding a bit more hot sauce and using the Raspberry Ginger Jam for a kick!Glaze the barbeque sauce on any meat or vegetable. Use immediately or within two weeks.
*If you wish to substitute the Valley Garlic Oil, use 1 clove of minced fresh garlic. 

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